Is SDI Right for You?

​Service Deionization (SDI) is the answer if you... 
Water One Assurance services
  • Use <100 gpm of water and don’t want to purchase a permanent system
  • Need flexibility to increase/decrease the size of your system as water requirements change
  • Have a seasonal need for demineralized water 
  • Need a consistent source of high-purity water
  • Have limited maintenance resources 
  • Want to eliminate handling regeneration chemicals and hazardous waste neutralization ​​
Service Deionization from Evoqua is a safe and economical way for you to obtain consistent, high purity water. Our reliable SDI systems consist of activated carbon and ion exchange resin contained in portable tanks, which are connected directly to your tap water supply.  With Service Deionization systems, there is no major capital investment or handling of hazardous chemicals and since there is no on-site regeneration required, SDI also conserves your water and energy resources.
Evoqua's large network of factory-trained local service representatives will deliver tanks, install, and maintain the equipment. With Evoqua, you get the highest quality and most economical product, backed by the largest service network in the industry. We will custom design and configure an SDI system to meet your water purity requirements, flow rates and budget.​

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