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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Service

Evoqua Water Technologies provides on-site or off-site reverse osmosis membrane cleaning to extend the useful life of RO membrane modules.
​Evoqua can provide on-site membrane cleaning services using the customer's clean-in-place (CIP) skid and standard cleaning procedures.  Our field service technicians are trained to provide the on-site labor required and/or to supervise personnel, along with the necessary cleaning chemicals.

The results of off-site cleaning are dramatically different from conventional on-site cleaning.  Our specially designed off-site membrane cleaning facilities provide better cleaning, extend reverse osmosis membrane life and is more cost effective than on-site cleaning.  This off-site membrane cleaning process is specifically designed to restore RO membranes to or near the original manufacturer's performance specifications.  Our proprietary equipment and strict cleaning process ensures optimum cleaning performance without affecting the structural integrity of the membrane, and therefore, does not void the manufacturer's warranty.

Evoqua offers three levels of off-site cleaning service for 8" elements.  Customers choose the level of service that meets their plant requirements and budget.


 Features and Benefits

  • ​Improves membrane rejection reducing post-RO polishing costs
  • Lowers feed pressure requirements reducing energy consumption
  • Increases membrane life 
  • Cost effective vs replacement membranes 
  • Reduces system downtime from days to hours (especially with rental elements from Evoqua) 
  • Discharge of cleaning chemicals is off-site, avoiding wastewater issues and storage/recordkeeping of chemicals on-site​
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