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Dave Anderson
Product Manager

PreFlex® Pretreatment Units

PreFlex® pretreatment units from Evoqua Water Technologies are modular, pre-plumbed, skid-mounted pretreatment vessels used as a multimedia filter, iron filter, activated carbon filter or softener.
​PreFlex units provide temporary water filtration and softening. They are completely plumbed, skid mounted pretreatment units designed to produce up to 300 gpm as a multimedia filter and 500 gpm as a softener. Configured in parallel or series, PreFlex units may be used in conjunction with other Evoqua treatment products for a fully integrated water treatment system to meet your plants flow and quality requirements.  

Evoqua’s mobile systems, including the PreFlex units, include a guarantee on quality and quantity of produced water. A reliable and extensive service, an ever expanding mobile fleet and strategically located regeneration facilities allow Evoqua to service out large North American customer base.​



​PreFlex® units are suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Reverse osmosis or demineralizer pretreatment
  • Reduce RO membrane cleaning frequency and prevent fouling
  • Extend membrane or resin life
  • RO performance improvement​

 Features and Benefits

  • ​Provides treated water as needed for emergency filtration, temporary softening, seasonal, short or long term duty 
  • Configured as stand-alone pretreatment providing media filtration, activated carbon filtration, softening, dealkalization, iron and/or manganese removal 
  • Can be combined with other modular equipment from Evoqua Water Technologies to meet most plant’s flow and quality requirements ​
  • Units are fully automated
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