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Raymund Mears
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Powdered Chemical Make-Up System

PCP Series.
The powdered chemical make-up system, PCP (HDPE Tank) module includes one tank, mixer, and chemical metering pump.  The operator simply fills the tank with water, adds a predetermined amount of powdered chemical, allows the solution to mix and turns off the mixer. The chemical metering pump will activate automatically, based on pH, ORP or volumetric control.


 Features and Benefits

  • Fully assembled at the factory 
  • Factory tested 
  • Units are match marked for ease of reassembly 
  • Integrates with other Evoqua offered wastewater products ​

 Standard Available Options

  • ​Float level control
  • Ultrasonic level control​
raymund.mears@evoqua.com Powdered Chemical Make-Up System