Neutralization and Precipitation Systems

We provide water and wastewater managers with a variety of chemical feed neutralization and precipitation systems designed for minimal operator attention.

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Neutralization and precipitation systems are typically comprised of a number of components. The components are configured into a variety of wastewater treatment systems. The integrated electrical controls result in minimal operator attention. The majority of the components are skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired, for fast and easy installation. The compact designs require the minimal amount of floor space.​

Air Diaphragm Pump SystemsTransfer viscose wastes such as slurries and sl​udges
AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control SkidTreats process waste water and/or reuse of contaminated process water
Batch Treatment SystemsPerforms precipitation and clarification on a fixed volume basis
Chemical Reaction SystemsStirred tanks to perform various chemical precipitation reactions on wastewater​
Chrome Reduction SystemsReduces soluble hexavalent chrome to insoluble trivalent chrome​
Concentrate Metering SystemsCollects and meters concentrated wastes
Cyanide Destruct SystemsOxidizes cyanide to nitrogen and carbon dioxide
Equalization and Water Storage TanksProvides sufficient volume for collecting water, wastewater, and/or recycle water
Lancy Oil Water SeparatorsRemov​es dispersed oil and solids from wastewater by gravity
Lancy Solids SeparatorsUses inclined plates to remove suspended solids from wastewater
Memclean ClarifiersFlocculates and settles insoluble contaminants in a wastewater stream
Powdered Carbon Slurry Make-Up SystemsFeeds a carbon slurry solution to the reaction tanks prior to a microfilter or clarifier system
Powdered Chemical Make-Up SystemsDilutes concentrated chemicals for delivery to reaction tanks prior to a microfilter and clarifier system
Powdered Lime SlurryFeeds a lime slurry solution to the reaction tanks prior to a microfilter or clarifier system
Sludge Thickening SystemsTakes low concentrated sludge and increases the concentration by means of gravity settling
Total Treat Continuous Precipitation SystemsPerforms continuous flow chemical precipitation and clarification
Total Treat Continuous Neutralization Systems​Performs continuous pH neutralization in one, two, or three stages
Transfer Pump Systems​Transfers wastewater from tanks and​ sumps