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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

Mobile PV® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption System

Trailer-mounted option which features our PV® Series liquid phase carbon adsorbers in a self-contained unit and is ideally suited for temporary or emergency events, or, to pilot test new technology -- all without the need of capital investment.

The Mobile PV® series carbon adsorption system is a self-contained, trailer-mounted treatment system which features four PV series liquid phase carbon adsorbers (two sets with two adsorbers per set) and a bag filter housing for the removal of suspended solids. The adsorbers are configured to allow series or parallel operation within each set of adsorbers as well as backwashing of each adsorber. The mobile treatment system is ideally suited for temporary needs or unplanned events where rapid response is critical and to avoid downtime. The system also provides the opportunity to pilot test new technology before capital investment of a full-scale treatment system.

The Mobile PV system is designed for rapid and easy mobilization at the customer site. The system arrives with the carbon preinstalled. Three connections for the influent, effluent, and backwash outlet are all that is needed to connect to the system. 

Evoqua can provide a total service package that includes utilizing OSHA trained personnel providing on-site carbon change-outs, and packaging and transportation of spent carbon for recycling at our reactivation facilities where the contaminants are thermally destroyed.

We provide instructions on sampling the spent carbon and completion of our spent carbon profile form. Spent carbon acceptance testing can be performed at our certified laboratory. When requested a certificate of reactivation will be issued.



  • Pipeline hydro testing 
  • Groundwater remediation 
  • Construction dewatering 
  • Wastewater treatment​

 Features and Benefits

  • Ready to use system, simple installation and operation 
  • Ships to site with carbon preinstalled 
  • Suitable for applications to 75 psig and 140°F 
  • Flanged process connections – inlet, outlet, backwash return 
  • Adsorbers have media slurry discharge line for easy removal of spent GAC 
  • Adsorbers have top and side manways for easy internal inspection 
  • Adsorber piping manifold allows series or parallel flow configuration for each adsorber set 
  • Bag filter assembly has bypass line for exchange of filter bags without interrupting operation 
  • Applications to 800 GPM​
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