Mobile Deionization Systems

Evoqua Water Technologies offers temporary and mobile water treatment systems to ensure an uninterrupted demineralized water supply to meet emergency or short term needs.


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​Evoqua’s industrial mobile water systems are the treatment of choice for:

  • Plant start-up

  • Steam blow projects

  • Emergency Replacement of High Purity Boiler Feedwater

  • Seasonal and production peak demand requirements

  • Planned maintenance outages

  • Zero Liquid Discharge

  • Pilot plant supply

  • Fluctuating feed water quality

  • Demineralizer system neutralizer wastewater discharge challenges

Our Mobile Deionization Systems keep your plant on line providing continuous flow of high quality water when your system is offline for either planned maintenance or an unscheduled shutdown. Our service support provides rapid and reliable response, using a broad range of equipment technologies that keep your production online.

  • Evoqua Mobile Deionization systems are housed in climatized trailers requiring no onsite weather protection.

  • Full instrumentation, controls and remote monitoring provide both full automatic and monitored system operation.

  • Quick hose and utility connections ensures that your Mobile Deionization Trailer is hooked up and running rapidly.

  • Setup and startup by Evoqua trained and certified technicians, not contract drivers, means that the system works first time, every time.

Backed by the largest service network in North America, a growing trailer fleet, continuous equipment reinvestment and strategically located resin regeneration plants, Evoqua is the right choice for your mobile deionization needs.

Your water is quality and quantity guaranteed!


Evoqua's​ mobile fleet includ​es two types of temporary deionization (DI), trailers and skid mounted vessels. The trailers have higher capacity, higher flow rate and can be operational quicker than the skid mounted vessels.​

Mobile Demineralizer TrailerSelf-contained, trailer-mounted systems ideally suited for temporary multimedia filtration, iron filtration, activated carbon, or softening.
FlexTrex® Deionization Portable Systems
Skid-mounted systems ideal for polishing raw water and RO permeate.