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Dave Anderson
Product Manager

Mobile Combination Reverse Osmosis Treatment Unit

Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile combination reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems combine pretreatment vessels and RO units in a single, self-contained trailer.
​Evoqua's mobile combination reverse osmosis (RO) treatment unit is a self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with both pretreatment and reverse osmosis capabilities. The trailer makes low conductivity water at 200 gpm or it can be configured as a 90 gpm, double-pass unit to reduce extensive DI polishing costs on high TDS feed water.

The pretreatment vessels may be configured in parallel or series. Depending on the media of choice, they may act as multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, iron removal filters, or as ion exchange softeners.

​Evoqua Water Technologies guarantees the quality and quantity of produced water from its mobile treatment systems. A reliable and extensive service network, an ever-expanding trailer fleet and strategically located regeneration facilities allow Evoqua to effectively serve our large North American customer base. 



​Mobile treatment systems provide rapid response, reliable performance and guaranteed water quality and quantity across a range of applications:

  • Increases in flow requirement
  • Emergency/scheduled maintenance 
  • Seasonal water changes
  • Process water/treated water quality changes
  • Long-term stationary system with modular expansion capability
  • Interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • Facility expansion
  • Pilot testing

 Features and Benefits

  • ​Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • RO and pretreatment units combined in a single trailer to minimize installation costs and response time 
  • No capital investment 
  • Broad-based service network with strategically located regeneration facilities 
  • Comprehensive QA program to ensure quality and quantity of water produced 
  • Small footprint  
  • Self-contained systems include instrumentation and equipment for automatic and monitored operation 
  • Easy installation with flanged connections and ready utility hook up 
  • Extensive fleet to provide capacity on demand 
  • Reduced installation cost and time 
  • No on-site handling or storage of chemical​s
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