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Memclean Clarifiers

Medium and High Solids Clarifiers.
​The Memclean MS medium and HS high solids clarifiers are designed to flocculate and settle insoluble contaminants in a wastewater stream. The units are designed as lamella style settlers, and will handle solids up to 1,500 mg/L of total suspended solids. Following polymer addition and flooculation, the wasterwater flows by gravity through the inclined plates for separation of the solids from the clear superant. Sludge is removed from the bottom of the clarifier via air operated diaphragm pump.​


 Features and Benefits

  • High performance clarifiers to handle solids loading up to 3,000 ppm TSS
  • PLC controlled requiring less than 2 hours per day of operator attention
  • Components are shop fabricated that can result in in project completion as little as 16 -18 weeks
  • Guaranteed effluent quality with metal concentrations <2 ppm and TSS <15 ppm.
  • Integrates with other wastewater products​

 Standard Available Options

  • Coal tar epoxy or other resistant coatings  
  • Rapid mix and flocculation chambers 
  • Higher solids loadings  ​
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