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Peter Kies
Product Manager

Membrane Services

Evoqua's Membrane Care(SM) Services are a comprehensive program providing customers with the products and support services to maintain membrane systems' operating performance and minimize lifecycle cost.

Evoqua is an industry leader in the supply, operation and care of membrane systems.

Our comprehensive services for membranes include:

Membrane Cleaning
  • Treatment with high and low pH cleaners to address a variety of fouling challenges
  • Testing of membranes before and after cleaning to measure process effectiveness
  • Cleaning services off-site or at your facility
Diagnostic Testing
  • Water and filter pad analyses, membrane analyses and complete membrane autopsies
  • Determination of fouling sources and review of RO operation
  • Recommendations for cleaning and operational improvements
  • Removal and transportation of membranes
  • Preparation for membrane storage
  • Rental or replacement membranes and installation

 Featured Membrane Services

  • On-site and off-site membrane cleaning services
  • Regional membrane distribution and cleaning centers
  • Membrane testing per manufacturer's standards
  • Analytical laboratory testing and technical system evaluation for cleaning and operating recommendations
  • Same-day shipment of replacement membranes
  • Service and preventative maintenance contracts
  • Mobile reverse osmosis sytems for temporary or long-term needs
  • 85+ sales/service branches across North America

 Key Benefits

  • Extends membrane useful life and delays replacement
  • Lowers feed pressure requirements to maintain RO permeate flow rate, reducing energy consumption
  • Reduces downtime when off-site cleaning is combined with spare or rental membranes from Evoqua
  • Minimizes manpower requirements, chemical handling/storage and waste disposal on site
  • Improves consistency of membrane cleaning, RO system performance, and permeate quality
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