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Raymund Mears
Product Manager

Lancy™ Solids Separator

Inclined plate clarifiers

Solids enter the unit at 50-500 ppm and are typically reduced to 20-30 ppm in the corrugated plate interceptor (CPI) packs.  The unit is designed to maintain a sludge blanket in the conical compartments under the CPI packs.  The sludge blanket not only acts as a pre-filter but allows for a thicker sludge to be withdrawn from the clarifier.  The Lancy™ Solids Separator is manufactured with carbon steel for the basins and FRP for the corrugated plate interceptor packs.


 Features and Benefits

  • High performance clarifiers to handle solids loading up to 750 ppm TSS
  • PLC controlled requiring less than 2 hours per day of operator attention
  • Components are shop fabricated that can result in in project completion as little as 16 -18 weeks
  • Guaranteed effluent quality with metal concentrations <2 ppm and TSS <15 ppm.
  • Integrates with other wastewater products ​

 Standard Available Options

  • Coal tar epoxy or other resistant coatings  
  • Rapid mix and flocculation chambers 
  • Higher solids loadings​
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