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Chris Bailey

IonRight® Systems

Rreverse osmosis technology combined with electro-deionization for high purity water
The IonRight® system is a combined package product, capable of “plug and play” replacement of separate bed and/or mixed bed Service Deionization (SDI). The system’s proprietary design is highly reliable, has low maintenance costs, and is as easy to move, install, and operate as SDI tanks. The system provides nominal flow rates from 4–10 gpm (15–38 lpm).

Evoqua offers  the IonRight system as an all-inclusive package with fixed monthly cost over the life of your agreement. There are no tanks to exchange, resulting in fewer process interruptions for your plant.  



  • Available in two models and two flow rates
  • Produces product water capable of 1 microSiemens/cm (1 megohm-cm) or better
  • Modular configuration for easy maintenance or replacement of service items
  • Integrated control panel and power supply
  • Auto on/off operation with “instant on” feature
  • Potable water feed with carbon and softener pretreatment
  • UL Listed/CSA Approved control panel
  • Pre-engineered design; can add units in parallel for higher flow rates​


  • Provides a more continual and consistent, high quality product water than traditional Service Deionization (SDI)
  • No capital investment needed
  • Fewer service visits with fewer process interruptions and overall cost savings
  • “Eco-friendly” solution reduces overall consumption of fuel and chemicals
  • “All-inclusive” pricing with conveniently scheduled service visits from Evoqua highly qualified, local service technicians
  • No on-site chemicals needed with off-site membrane and CDI® deionization system cleaning​

 Markets / Applications

​IonRight systems are especially suited to the following markets and / or applications:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive - Car Wash

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Food and Bevera​ge

  • Fuel Cells/Solar Energy

  • Healthcare


  • Humidification 

  • Materials /Glass/Plastics Metals

  • Metal Finishing

  • Microelectronics

  • Power Generation

  • Textiles​

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