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Rod Magnuson
Product Manager

Ion Exchange Resin Tanker Delivery Service

Eliminate drum handling and disposal costs while minimizing onsite manpower requirements.
​Evoqua offers tanker service for bulk delivery of new resin and temporary resin storage needs. This service eliminates drum handling by slurrying the resin directly into your ion exchange vessels from one of our company-owned tanker trucks. Once the water, resin and air lines are in place, we can load up to 600 cubic feet of resin into your service vessels from a single tanker. Customers who choose our resin tanker delivery services reduce labor usage and improve system uptime. In addition, the cost and handling of fiber drum disposal is eliminated. Evoqua tankers are also available for onsite storage until your system is ready for the resin installation.​​​


 Features and Benefits

  • ​Extend resin life 
  • Maintain system performance 
  • Cost competitive versus new resin purchase 
  • Scheduled services available - reduces system downtime due to unexpected issues 
  • Company-owned and operated transportation fleet 
  • Services available from 85 local branches in North America - we reach 85% of the US population in less than 2 hours​
rod.magnuson@evoqua.com Ion Exchange Resin Tanker Delivery Service