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Mark Armenta
Product Manager
+1 219-661-0577

Ion Exchange Resin Cleaning and Reconditioning

Evoqua Water Techologies provides resin cleaning and reconditioning for salvage of your fouled, cross-contaminated and/or exhausted resin.
​Evoqua offers ion exchange resin cleaning and conditioning services to restore resins which have been fouled, cross-contaminated and/or exhausted.  Our field service technicians provide this service on a turnkey basis, including removal of the resins, transportation to our local processing plant, and return to your facility after cleaning/conditioning, and re-loading the resin.   We offer this service on an "as needed" basis, or as part of a routine resin cleaning and conditioning service contract.


 Features and Benefits

  • ​Extend resin life 
  • Maintain system performance 
  • Cost competitive versus new resin purchase 
  • Scheduled services available - reduces system downtime due to unexpected issues 
  • Company-owned and operated transportation fleet 
  • Services available from 85 local branches in North America - we reach 85% of the US population in less than 2 hours​
mark.armenta@evoqua.com Ion Exchange Resin Cleaning and Reconditioning