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Concentrate Metering System

Collects and meters concentrated wastes 
​The Concentrate Metering System CMP (HDPE tank) module includes one collection tank.  The concentrate metering system can also be used as a bulk chemical system.  Concentrated wastes, either acids or caustics, will be collected in the tank. The concentrated wastes will be slowly metered into the appropriate chemical reaction tank prior to a microfilter or clarifier system.

The basic module configuration has one tank equipped with level controls and one LMI chemical feed pump. ​


 Features and Benefits

  • Fully assembled at the factory 
  • Factory tested 
  • Units are either skid-mounted or stand alone 
  • Units are match marked for ease of reassembly 
  • Integrates with other Evoqua offered wastewater products ​

 Standard Available Options

  • Second metering pump
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps available​
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