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Chrome Reduction Systems: FRP and HDPE

Reduces Cr+6 to Cr+3
The Chrome Reduction Systems, CR (FRP tank) and CRP (HDPE tank) include one reaction tank that is skid-mounted and completely piped and wired. Wastewater containing chromium will be pumped or flow by gravity into the tank. 

The basic reaction system configuration has one tank equipped with one mixer, two LMI chemical feed pumps, one pH probe, one ORP probe and one ORP transmitter. On CR/CRP systems less than 1,000-gallon (3.8 m3) capacity, the mixing units are skid-mounted. 


 Features and Benefits

  • Fully assembled at the factory 
  • Factory tested 
  • Units are either skid-mounted or catwalk integrated 
  • Units are match marked for ease of reassembly 
  • Integrates with other Evoqua offered wastewater products ​

 Standard Available Options

  • ​Dual pH/ORP probe
  • Extra chemical pump
  • Chart recorder​
raymund.mears@evoqua.com Chrome Reduction Systems: FRP and HDPE