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AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control Skid

The AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control Skid is a totally integrated, skid-mounted treatment station.

The Evoqua AquaSaver™ Dual Direction pH Control Skid is a totally integrated, skid-mounted treatment station. The pH Control Skid features: a reaction tank, liquid level controls, water inlet solenoid valve, centrifugal transfer pump, flow meter with control valve, dual chemical metering pumps, and electric tank mixer. The packaged skid provides economical treatment of process waste water and / or reuse of contaminated process water when used in conjunction with an Evoqua ion-exchange system.

The system incorporates multiple tank level controls for centrifugal pump operation and make-up water addition ensuring that only properly pH adjusted water is discharged to waste or downstream to an ion-exchange system. The Strantrol® 886-L controller provides precise monitoring and control for pH adjustment, utilizing the latest electronic and sensor technology in the industry. An oversized reaction tank is equipped with an electric mixer yielding longer retention time and more accurate pH adjustment.

The system control panel offers a main on/off switch, power on light, and an emergency-stop lighted pushbutton for safety. Respective red status lights indicate when the centrifugal pump, inlet solenoid valve, chemical pumps, and mixer are on. Individual HOA switches permit selection of the operation mode for the centrifugal pump and inlet solenoid valve via level controls, and the chemical pumps and mixer via the Strantrol® pH controller and dual loop process controller. Amber indicating lights are also present for low-level and high-level tank alarms.​


 Features and Benefits

  • ​Pre ion-exchange or waste water pH adjustment 
  • Multiple tank controls levels 
  • Optional dual cartridge filtration 
  • pH down or pH up operational modes 
  • Mixer for quick and thorough pH adjustment 
  • Strantrol 886 controller for precise & reliable pH control 
  • Power dual loop process controller with adaptive tune technology provides acid and base pump feed contro​l
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