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WaterComplete® Services

Evoqua takes care of your water reliably and economically, allowing you to focus on your core business.

​Evoqua’s WaterComplete® service contracts allow customers to focus on their core business while Evoqua takes responsibility for operation and maintenance of their water treatment system. Because Water is Everywhere, So Are We.™

Outsourcing water treatment operations and maintenance solutions has gained acceptance for good reason: It works. As a tool for industries that utilize water or steam in their operations or that generate wastewater, outsourcing can eliminate operating and expense risks, ensure safe and compliant operations, achieve stable operational costs, and maximize the life and efficiency of your operating water or wastewater systems.

With the vast array of technologies and treatment solutions available today, more and more businesses are turning to Evoqua water specialists to operate and maintain their water and wastewater treatment systems. Utilizing a proven holistic approach, we will evaluate your operation from a system wide perspective, then provide a custom-tailored full service solution.


 Features and Benefits of WaterComplete® Contracts

  • ​All inclusive service agreement
  • Guarantee quality and quantity
  • Maximize system uptime and operational efficiency
  • Operating safely and in compliance

 Evoqua's Full Service Solution

​Working with your plant and process technical staff, our field sales and service personnel begin with a site and process evaluation to develop a full service solution customized to your system and operational requirements. Our detailed survey is normally completed within a single on-site visit and includes:

  • Determine the system condition, required maintenance, repairs or upgrades to ensure water quality and production rates
  • Develop the required maintenance services and contracted materials for the life of contract
  • Familiarize our service personnel with your safety protocol
  • Sample and analyze your feed water quality
  • Review current operation logs and chemical costs
  • Evaluate the addition of Remote Process and Alarm monitoring
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