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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

VOCarb® 36C Coconut Shell-Based Granular Activated Carbon

High activity, coconut shell-based granular activated carbon.

​VOCarb® 36C is a high activity, 3 x 6 mesh, granular activated carbon manufactured from selected grades of coconut shell. It is an excellent alternative to 4mm pelletized coal-based activated carbons.

The granular shape of this carbon maximizes its geometric surface area, significantly increasing surface and pore diffusion rates and thereby increasing its effectiveness for the adsorption of VOCs with a short contact time. The high surface area and predominately microporous pore size distribution further enhance the effectiveness of this coconut shell based carbon. 

In addition, VOCarb carbons also have a high retentivity to hold onto and prevent desorption of previously adsorbed organic compounds. The granular shape of VOCarb 36C results in excellent gas contacting but still allows the carbon bed to operate at pressure drops similar to 4mm pelletized carbons. The high density and superior hardness of VOCarb 36C activated carbon provides excellent resistance to dust and fines formation.




Cost effective VOCarb activated carbons developed by Evoqua have been demonstrated to provide superior performance in an extensive array of gas phase treatment applications. VOCarb activated carbons are available for:

  • Chemical process applications
  • VOC control from air strippers, soil vapor extraction and air sparge systems
  • Control of tank vent emissions
  • HVAC
  • Odor control
  • Solvent recovery of low boiling point solvents
  • Use as a catalyst/catalyst support​​

 Features and Benefits

  • Exceptionally high VOC adsorption capacity
  • Excellent VOC retentivity characteristics, works well for the adsorption of small molecules
  • Superior hardness minimizes attrition losses during handling, use and service
  • Cost effective
  • Easily reactivated for recycle and reuse
  • Low pressure drop characteristics (similar to 4mm pelletized carbons)
  • Backed by technical support and a strong QA/QC program​​
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