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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

Vent-Scrub® Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers

Designed for VOC control and other similar waste and process water vent applications.
The Vent-Scrub® adsorbers have been proven to be the simplest and most cost effective way to treat malodorous and VOC emission problems. Sturdy steel construction and specially formulated corrosion resistant internal coating ensures long service life and low maintenance.

Available in six models containing 200 to 8000 pounds of activated carbon and rated to treat flows from 100 to 3750 cfm, Vent-Scrub® carbon adsorbers are designed for a wide variety of gas-phase applications including industrial plant emissions, soil vapor extraction, remediation off-gasses, waste processing emissions, laboratory hood exhausts and VOC removal from air strippers. Sturdy steel construction and specially formulated corrosion resistant internal coating ensures long service life and low maintenance. Optional piping manifolds are available to allow for series or parallel operation.

The Vent-Scrub® 200 Fan Package combines the durability and reliability of the Vent-Scrub® 200 adsorber with the convenience of an integrated fan and motor. The fan includes a cast aluminum housing and is mounted to the top lid of the adsorber for an easy-to-use, compact design. The fan size is rated for 100 SCFM @ 10.7" w.c. and comes complete with motor starter, 8' power cord, damper, and screen cover for flow control. An optional TEFC and Explosion Proof (EXP) motor is also available.​



  • API separator vents
  • VOC control from soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems and air strippers
  • Wastewater and product storage tank vents
  • Process vents
  • Refinery and chemical plant wastewater sewer vents
  • Laboratory hood exhausts​

 Benefits and Design Features

  • Durable, carbon steel construction
  •  Abrasion and corrosion resistant baked epoxy lining; urethane exterior finish (Vent-Scrub 1000 and 2000 adsorbers)
  • Ready-to-use systems: simple installation and operation
  • Applications to 500 SCFM
  • The Vent-Scrub 1000 and 2000 adsorbers have forklift channels for easy handling
  • Absorber vessels are UN/DOT approved transportation containers for RCRA hazardous spent carbon
  • Hose kit and pipe manifold options are available to simplify installation and operation
  • Piping manifold (Optional)
    2“ or 3“ sch 80 PVC piping and valves (optional carbon steel and stainless steel piping)
  • Series or parallel operation
  • Sampling ports and pressure gauges
  • Flexible hoses with Cam-lock fittings allow easy installation and removal during service exchange operations​

 Installation, Startup, and Operation

​Evoqua can provide a total service package that includes utilizing OSHA-trained personnel providing on-site carbon changeouts, packaging, and transportation of spent carbon for recycling at our reactivation facilities, where the contaminants are thermally destroyed.

We provide instructions on sampling the spent carbon and completion of our spent carbon profile form. Spent carbon acceptance testing can be performed at our certified laboratory. ​When requested, a certificate of reactivation will be issued.
john.lombardo@evoqua.com Vent-Scrub® Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers