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Vantage® UFI Ultrafiltration Systems

Designed to remove suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams

​Ultrafiltration (UF) offers the following benefits over conventional technologies:

  • Superior protection of downstream equipment (i.e. RO systems) to reduce fouling and extend equipment life
  • UF membranes provide a physical and verifiable barrier to remove suspended solids
  • Consistent quality regardless of feed water conditions
  • SDI's typically less than 2
  • Smaller footprint by replacing multiple conventional treatment steps into one filtration step
  • Fewer chemicals with less waste, resulting in lower operating costs

 Module Detail

​At the heart of the Vantage UFI system is the Vantage LPU (low pressure ultrafiltration) module. Multibore fibers are bound together to form a filter module encapsulated into an economical low-pressure PVC housing.

The unique design of the module reduces external piping and pipe supports
by integrating the feedwater manifolds into the end cap of each module.

Through an annular gap between the shell and distribution pipe, filtrate is collected or backwash is introduced into the module. This results in a nearly constant radial velocity across the module diameter leading to:

  • Minimized fouling due to an efficient backwash impulse over the total module cross section
  • Guaranteed module integrity since no o-rings are used to separate the feed from the filtrate side
  • Minimized process related movements thereby reduced mechanical strain on the fibers and maximized life expectancy


 Membrane Detail

​Multibore® ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology combines seven single capillaries into one durable membrane fiber. This construction significantly enhances the physical strength and reliability of the membrane, virtually
eliminating fiber breakage.

With a nominal pore size of 0.02 microns, the UF membrane efficiently removes turbidity, particulates, bacteria, and pathogens delivering consistently high-quality water, independent of changes in the raw water quality. The modified polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is durable over a wide pH range and highly resistant to fouling by organic matter.

Evoqua Water Technologies offers two options of fiber diameters (0.9 mm and 1.5 mm fiber) that are optimized for your feed water. In general terms, the 0.9 mm fiber is used for source waters with average turbidities < 50 NTU (peak 100 NTU). The 1.5 mm fiber is used on higher turbidity waters (average > 50 NTU, peak 250 NTU) or for backwash waste recovery (water savings) applications.


​Vantage® LPU modules are manifolded together into racks and combined with pumps and controls to form a Vantage UFI system.

Vantage UFI systems are available in six models – 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, and 48 module racks. Additional configurations provide up to four racks (i.e., 4 x 24 module racks). Additionally, systems are available with:

  • Evoqua or Allen-Bradley control packages with HMI touch screen interface
  • Manual/auto backwashing strainer options
  • Completely automated backwash and chemical enhanced backwash capabilities
  • VFD-controlled feed pumps for ease of operation and energy savings
  • Completely skidded packages with short lead times

Vantage® UFI Mid Range Systems

 Mid-range UFI systems (4, 8, and 12 module rack) are designed to treat flow rates from 13.5 to 61 m3/hr (60 to 270 gpm). Mid-range Vantage UFI systems include all major components (control panel, membrane modules, feed pump, strainer(s),
backwash pump, instrumentation, valves and piping) mounted on a single a skid assembly. The skids are designed to provide maximum support and protection of UFI system components while allowing access for maintenance and operation.


Vantage® UFI Large Range Systems

Large-range UFI systems (24, 36, and 48 module racks) can treat flow rates of over 225 m3/hr (1,000 gpm), and consist of four separate assemblies:

  • Single feed water pump and pre-strainer skid

  • Single backwash/chemical injection pump skid

  • Module rack skid(s)

  • Main system control panel (with leg kit

Large-range UFI systems can be ordered with the following configurations:

  • 24 Module racks can be ordered with up to four (4) skids

  • 36 and 48 module racks can be ordered with up to two (2) skids

Each skid has a carbon steel frame with an industrial coating to support the major system components. These skids are designed to provide maximum support and protection of UFI system components while allowing access for maintenance and operation.

The feed water pump skid contains a motor starter/remote I/O panel, auto-backwashing strainer, instrumentation, pressure relief protection, valves and piping. The backwash water pump skid contains a control panel, chemical injection pumps, instrumentation, pressure relief protection, valves and piping. 

The module skid contains a control panel, membrane modules, flow controls, instrumentation, valves and piping. Each Vantage UFI large range system contains a loose shipped main control panel that interfaces with remote I/O panels located on the system pump and module rack skids.

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