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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

VOCarb® S Series Granular Reactivated Carbons

For gas phase adsorption applications.
VOCarb® S Series reactivated carbons are pooled from a variety of sources, ensuring consistent product properties. The resulting carbon serves as an excellent economic alternative to virgin carbon for the removal of a broad range of organic contaminants from a variety of gas phase streams.

VOCarb S Series carbons are produced through thermal reactivation of approved grades of spent carbon at one of our state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified reactivation facilities. Through careful control of the residence time in the reactivation furnace, reactivation temperature, and reactivation gas composition, adsorbed contaminants on the spent carbon are removed and destroyed, and the carbon’s internal pore structure is maintained as close to virgin condition as possible. 



Cost effective VOCarb S Series reactivated carbons developed by Evoqua have been demonstrated to provide excellent performance in a variety of vapor phase treatment applications, including the following:

  • Chemical process applications
  • VOC control from air strippers, soil vapor extraction and air sparge systems
  • Control of tank vent emissions
  • HVAC
  • Odor Control

 Features and Benefits

  • ​Reactivated carbons serve as an economical alternative to virgin carbon in many applications
  • Use of reactivated carbons reduces the volume of spent carbon sent to landfill and encourages responsible usage of natural resources
  • A detailed quality assurance program guarantees consistency​ from lot to lot and shipment to shipment
  • Pooled reactivated carbons provide consistent properties and performance
  • Reactivated carbons produced at ISO 14001 certified reactivation facilities, ensuring minimization of environmental liability and continued benchmarking against best practice standards for environmental management
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