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Water system reliability is dependent on proper maintenance, and cost efficiency can be impacted by a poorly operating RO system.

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Operating a water system at maximum efficiency yet at the lowest cost requires ongoing system maintenance.  Proper maintenance and membrane cleaning cycles reduce water and electricity usage and extend the life of RO membranes by months and years. Important savings that can be achieved downstream;  for example, a drop in RO salt rejection from 97% to 96% increases downstream polishing resin regeneration cost by more than 30%. 

Evoqua Water Technologies is a partner in your maintenance program. We support your team with services that range  from complete outsourcing programs to providing spares, consumables, and phone support.  

Most of our customers handle the daily system readings and routine maintenance such as changing cartridge filters and partner with Evoqua to handle monthly system monitoring, diagnostics, membrane cleaning, mechanical maintenance, and parts replacement. 

With more than 85 local service branches across North America, Evoqua is positioned to reach more than 85% of the North American population in less than a two hour drive.

 Available service for your RO system includes:

Complete Water Outsourcing

​Evoqua can provide a complete water outsourcing solution for your plant. You buy water by the gallon without worrying about maintenance or manpower. Our mobile reverse osmosis and outsourcing contracts include a guarantee on the water quality and quantity. Outsourcing contracts are available for a timespan of one month to 10 years.  

Preventative Maintenance

​Evoqua's trained and certified field service technicians are ready to develop a customized service plan that dovetails with your plant’s team to maintain your water systems at the highest level of reliability with the lowest lifecycle service cost. Disptached from more than 85 local service branches in North America, our localized service enables us to schedule service and repairs when and where you need them. Evoqua's emergency support is only a phone call away.

Membrane Services

​Evoqua has created a series of services that are focused completely on the system membranes. Our Membrane CareSM Service Program keeps your RO membrane systems operating at peak performance. The program includes:

  • Membrane removal and installation services.

  • On site membrane cleaning by RO stage.  Our technicians clean thousands of membranes a year and pay attention to the details that make the difference between an effective cleaning and a poor cleaning.

  • Offsite total membrane cleaning at one of our regional cleaning centers.  We provide pre and post cleaning salt rejection certification, and membrane pickling.  We cleaning in a system that is designed only for membrane cleaning with variable water temperature, air scouring, and controlled membrane back flushing.

  • Membrane autopsies and complete laboratory services to evaluate system performance and improve productivity.  Whether you have an unexpected membrane failure or a chronic cleaning problem, our membrane autopsy lab at our Rockford, IL water Center of Excellence can determine if you have the right membrane type, need to change your cleaning program, or need additional system upgrades. 

Replacement Parts

​Replacement reverse osmosis membranes and cartridge filters are available through our branch office and through Evoqua Advantage, the water e-commerce site. We maintain one of the largest inventories of industrial and commercial membrane elements from the most well-known and respected manufacturers in the world including Hydranautics, Filmtec™, and Toray.