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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) Media

Manufactured by direct activation, powdered activated carbons have been specifically developed for the removal of a broad range of organic contaminants from potable, waste and process waters.
Powdered activated carbon (PAC) has a relatively smaller particle size when compared to granular activated carbons and consequently, presents a large surface to volume ratio.
As such, PAC is not commonly used in a dedicated adsorber vessel, due to the high head loss that would occur. Instead, PAC is generally added directly to other process units, such as raw water intakes, rapid mix basins, clarifiers, and gravity filters.

PAC carbons are extensively quality checked at our State of California certified environmental and carbon testing laboratory located in Los Angeles, CA. Our laboratory is fully equipped to provide complete quality control analyses using ASTM standard test methods in order to assure the consistent quality of all Westates® carbons.​



  • Dechlorination/chloramine reduction
  • Removal of organic contaminants
  • Taste and odor reduction
  • Disinfection-by-product (DBP) removal
  • Pesticide removal
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Wastewater treatment

 Features and Benefits

  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 classified for use in potable water application
  • Fully conforms to physical, performance and leachability requirements established by the current ANSI/AWWA B600-05 (which includes the Food Chemical Codex requirements)
  • A detailed quality assurance program guarantees consistent quality from lot to lot and shipment to shipment
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