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​Dave Anderson
Product Manager

Mobile and Temporary Water Treatment Services

Mobile solutions for planned outages and temporary water needs.
Let Evoqua design and configure a mobile treatment solution to meet your temporary water needs—whether it’s for a shutdown, regulatory compliance, restoring service, or providing supplemental water for peak demand. Our systems can provide a wide range of treatment services, from clarification and filtration to reverse osmosis and induced air flotation. Designed for easy setup, our state-of-the-art assets can be deployed rapidly throughout North America. We guarantee quality, can deliver any capacity, and provide fast, reliable turnaround through one of the industry’s most comprehensive service networks.



  • Increases in flow requirement
  • Emergency/scheduled maintenance
  • Seasonal water changes
  • Process water/treated water quality changes
  • Long-term stationary system with modular expansion capability
  • Interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • Facility expansion
  • Pilot testing

 Treatment Services

  • Clarification
  • Media filtration
  • Membrane filtration
  • Demineralization
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Induced air flotation


  • No capital investment
  • Broad-based service network with strategically located regeneration facilities
  • Comprehensive QA program to ensure quality and quantity of water produced
  • Small footprint 
  • Self-contained systems with instrumentation and equipment for automatic and monitored operation
  • Easy installation with flanged connections and utility hookup
  • Extensive fleet for capacity on demand
  • Reduced installation cost and time
  • No on-site handling or storage of chemicals
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
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