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MEDICA-S and MEDICA-R 7/15 Systems

Reliable and economical supply for low usage

When high purity water is required in low volumes for a single analyzer, the MEDICA-S and -R range of systems offer an undemanding cost of ownership. A compact, dedicated unit providing CLRW grade water, the MEDICA® S/R systems are an ideal choice for use with a single chemistry or immunoassay clinical analyzer. Two models are available providing either 7 or 15 liters/hr, and facilitating an instantaneous demand of up to 1.8 liters/min from tap water feed.


Common applications:

  • Single clinical analyzers requiring up to 15 liters/hr
  • Single clinical analyzers requiring up to 1.8 liters/min instantaneous demand of pure water



    • Provides compliant purified water suitable for a dissolved oxygen specification
    • Low running and consumable costs
    • Compact size makes it suitable to be installed under a bench or mounted on a wall
    • Full service and validation support

     The Medica-R 7/15 Solution for Overcoming Laboratory Water Purification Challenges

    Operating with and adhering to a tight annual budget, you want the lowest cost of ownership and a long-serving piece of equipment​A pre-installation site survey provides realistic information on the cost of ownership resulting in no surprises. Robust deionization processes provide a constant supply of high purity water at minimal running costs
    ​Lab or plant room space is at a premium, therefore, only a small area is available for a water purification unit​Built-in wrap-around 25 liter reservoir contributes to the smallest footprint for this water specification. This flexibility allows units to be positioned either under or on top of a bench, or mounted on the wall
    You need reliability and ease-of-use, while demanding schedules limit the time you can spend on water unit maintenanceMEDICA® systems self monitor during operation and exhaustion of consumables is indicated by software on an easy-to-read display
    Microbial and inorganic specifications consistently meet the CLRW standard and bacteria specification of <10 CFU/ml​Bacterial specification is ensured with purified water recirculating throughout all the purification processes. Combined with an easy sanitization system

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    ​​MEDICA is a trademark of VWS (UK) Ltd, its subsidiaries or affiliates, in some countries.
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