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MEDICA-R 200 System

High purity water for the highest usage; designed to supply CLRW grade water to multiple analyzers on a loop

​The MEDICA-R 200 System feeds large automated diagnostic analyzers with a guaranteed high output. This system provides CLRW standard (formally CLSI Type 1) pure water to multiple clinical analyzers across several laboratories making it highly flexible and reliable.

Designed to supply up to 21 liters/min of CLRW grade water to high volume or multiple clinical analyzers on a loop, this system is easy to install, operate, and sanitize, and can be customized to your requirements. The MEDICA-R 200 compact unit can be positioned inside the lab.


  • ​Delivers up to 21 liters per minute of CLRW standard water
  • Can feed multiple analyzers on a distribution loop and across several laboratories
  • A bypass loop for continual supply of compliant water in emergency situations
  • Compact footprint due to its integrated wrap around 350 liter reservoir.
  • Compatible with multiple and large clinical diagnostic analyzers which require up to 21 liters per minute of CLRW standard water
  • Low running and consumable costs
  • Single system design makes it easy to project plan and install
  • Full service and validation support

 Common Applications

  • ​Large clinical labs with many different analyzers linked by an automated track
  • A hospital lab with large standalone clinical analyzers in different labs and on different floors
  • Pure water provision for other applications such as a glass washer as well as for clinical analyzers
  • A laboratory with a need for a large central water system with economy of operation

 The Medica-R 200 Solution for Overcoming Laboratory Water Purification Challenges

​You need to avoid a complicated component installation for a large clinical analyzer ring main across two floors or a large automated clinical laboratory wishes to install a tracked automation system with multiple clinical analyzers integrated where the water system must be adjacent for operational flexibility​Designed as a single modular unit with in-built: pure water storage of 350 liters, ring main pump, UV and filter technologies that are housed in a compact and aesthetic cabinet to provide a powerful multifloor ring main system of up to 100m. Quick fit connections make the system easy to install, while experience in project planning simplifies the installation, making it hassle free for you
​A high instantaneous demand is required to make sure that all the analyzers on the ring main have sufficient pure water​Multiple integrated technologies are responsible for the system producing 200 liters of pure water per hour and an instantaneous delivery of up to 21 liters/min directly to the analyzers
​You require CLRW grade water quality, with special emphasis on bacterial containment to satisfy the differing water specification in a mix of clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzers​Built in recirculation through UV, filtration technologies and easy sanitization ensures optimal bacteria purity of <10 CFU/ml and CLRW specification are met at all time
​You require a cost-effective system that covers installation, component replacement as well as maintenance, technical and service support for the whole life of the product​A pre-installation site survey provides realistic information on the cost of ownership resulting in no surprises. The Service Deionization (SDI) cylinders that contain a regenerable resin provide the maximum economy of operation with a low environmental impact

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​​MEDICA is a trademark of VWS (UK) Ltd, its subsidiaries or affiliates, in some countries.
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