Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Evoqua features premium virgin activated and reactivated carbons made from high quality bituminous coal, coconut shell, and anthracite coal for liquid and vapor phase applications.
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About Granular Activated Carbon​
While the term GAC (Granular Activated Carbon or Granulated Activated Carbon) is commonly used, it can refer to dozens of slightly different adsorbents. GAC is activated carbon with particle sizes predominantly greater than 80 mesh. The combination of raw materials, methods, and degree of activation produce activated carbons can each perform optimally in various applications. Evoqua’s offering of Granular Activated Carbons is a very versatile group of adsorbents, with capability for selectively adsorbing thousands of organic, and certain inorganic, materials to meet all your water purification needs.

Our Products and Services
Our full line of GAC products lets you choose the right activated carbon media for your application to optimize your process and minimize costs. An exclusive supplier of Westates® carbons, Evoqua features premium virgin activated and reactivated carbons made from high quality bituminous coal, coconut shell, and anthracite coal for liquid and vapor phase applications. Our activated carbons are extensively quality checked at our State of California certified environmental and carbon testing laboratory located in Los Angeles, CA.​​​

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Markets Served:​​​Typical Applications:
  • ​Municipal
  • HPI / Refineries
  • CPI / Chemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Light Industrial Manufacturing​​
  • ​Groundwater remediation
  • Wastewater filtration
  • Pilot testing
  • Drinking water treatment
  • VOC removal from air stripper off-gases
  • Backup VOC control device for thermal oxidizers
  • Industrial plant emissions
  • Tank degassing and tank cleaning emissions
  • Refinery turnarounds​

​​Selecting the Proper Carbon for Your Application
The selection of the most cost-effective activated carbon for an application is best made by developing an understanding of the requirements of the application and matching them with the physical and adsorptive properties of the activated carbon. Choosing the proper carbon media for your application improves carbon performance, increases the time between carbon exchanges, and helps minimize operating costs. Browse the products below to see which carbon product is best suited for your application.​​​
Liquid Phase CarbonsCarbon TypeMesh Size
AquaCarb® 816 CarbonBituminous Coal8x16
AquaCarb®  820 CarbonBituminous Coal8x20
AquaCarb® 830 CarbonBituminous Coal8x30
AquaCarb® 830AW CarbonAnthracite Coal8x30
AquaCarb® 830C CarbonCoconut Shell8x30
AquaCarb® 1230AWC CarbonCoconut Shell12x30
AquaCarb® 1240AWC Carbon Coconut Shell12x40
AquaCarb® 1230C CarbonCoconut Shell12x30
AquaCarb® 1240 CarbonBituminous Coal12x40
AquaCarb® 1240AW CarbonAnthracite Coal12x40
AquaCarb® 1240C CarbonCoconut Shell12x40
AquaCarb® 1240CAT CarbonCoconut Shell12x40
AquaCarb® 1230 CX Carbon​​Coconut Shell12x30
AquaCarb® S Carbon​Reactivated Coconut/Coal8x30
BevCarb® 1240 Carbon​​Bituminous Coal12x40
NoRise pH (AquaCarb® 830 and 1240 Carbon)​Coal​8x30 and 12x40
UltraCarb® 830 CarbonBituminous Coal8x30
UltraCarb® 1240 CarbonBituminous Coal12x40
UltraCarb® 1240AW CarbonCoal12x40​​

Vapor Phase CarbonsCarbon TypeMesh Size
VOCarb® 36C CarbonCoconut Shell3x6
VOCarb® 46 CarbonBituminous Coal4x6
VOCarb® 48C CarbonCoconut Shell4x8
VOCarb® 70 Carbon​Anthracite Coal​4x6
VOCarb®​​ 410 Carbon​​Bituminous Coal​4x10
VOCarb® 601 Carbon​Bituminous Coal​4x6
VOCarb® 410 HgFree CarbonBituminous Coal4x10
VOCarb® P60 HgFree CarbonAnthracite Coal4x6
VOCarb® 410 LoRise CarbonBituminous Coal4x10
VOCarb® P60 LoRise CarbonAnthracite Coal4x6
VOCarb® S CarbonReactivated Coconut/Coal4x10
​​VOCarb® UOCH-KP Carbon​Anthracite Coal​4mm pellet
Midas® OCM Carbon​Bituminous Coal 4mm pellet​

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