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​John Lombardo
Product Manager

FB Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers

Designed for the removal of VOC’s.


The FB Series vapor phase carbon adsorption systems utilize a rectangular vessel design to provide cost effective removal of VOC’s from low- to-moderate-flow air streams and other emission control applications. The rectangular-style adsorber results in a low pressure drop and effective utilization of activated carbon.

Each unit ships with the carbon installed, thereby eliminating the need for on-site carbon handling and installation services. Deep carbon bed depths at a minimum of three feet also allow for the efficient removal of VOCs. Three model options for applications up to 3,000 SCFM are available for purchase.



  • Industrial plant emissions
  • Soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation system off-gases
  • Controlling emissions from waste processing operations (i.e., tank cleaning)
  • VOC removal from air stripper off-gases
  • Backup VOC control device for thermal oxidizers

 Features and Benefits

  • FB-Series adsorbers are transported with carbon installed, thereby eliminating the need for on-site carbon handling
  • Available for sale or rental
  • Various inlet/outlet connection adapters available at no additional costs
  • Systems are designed for very low pressure drops at rated flow rates
  • Deep carbon bed depths (a minimum of three feet) allow for the efficient removal of VOCs
  • Applications to 3,000 SCFM


​The frequency of adsorber exchange will depend on operating parameters that affect carbon loading such as VOC type and concentration, temperature, relative humidity, superficial gas velocity, carbon type (coconut shell or coal), and other factors. 

Evoqua offers state-of-the-art computer modeling programs, for carbon consumption estimates and optimization of system performance. We ​can also provide monitoring services utilizing the appropriate type of field monitoring equipment. The monitoring method used and equipment required will depend on the types of VOC’s being captured and on the regulatory compliance requirements.

When an adsorber exchange is required, Evoqua can provide a total service package that includes utilizing OSHA-trained personnel providing on-site carbon changeouts, packaging, and transportation of spent carbon for recycling at our reactivation facilities, where the contaminants are thermally destroyed.
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