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Customizable solutions for your deionized water systems

We offer a wide range of systems and resin types for general manufacturing and industrial rinsing, as well as special grades of resin for critical applications such as food and beverage, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, and microelectronics.

A variety of tanks are available:
  • Small tanks uses
  • Large tank uses
  • Steel tanks
  • Tank systems in parallel

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​A variety of media are available:

Activated Carbon
These units remove chlorine, chloramines, and dissolved organic contaminants. Each replacement carbon unit contains specially selected carbon to assure maximum water quality and service life.

Cation Deionizers
Cation resins remove positively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. The cation resins used are very durable to provide stability against osmotic, thermal, and impact shock.

Anion Deionizers
Anion resins remove negatively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as carbonate, bicarbonates, sulfates, chlorides, nitrates, and silica. The anion resins used offer stability against osmotic, thermal, and impact shock. A variety of anion resins are available suitable for any water application.

Premium Mixed Bed Deionizers
For higher quality water with a more neutral pH than separate bed systems, as well as enhanced silica and CO2 removal mixed bed deionizers are recommended. Evoqua's service deionization produces the quality of water required for any application, up to 18.2 megohm-cm resistivity at 77°F (25°C). In-line quality monitors immediately alert users when resin tanks need to be changed.

Scavenging Resins
With extra-large internal surface areas, the microporous scavenging resins provide high adsorption of dissolved and undissolved organic contaminants. The colloidal scavenging resins remove inorganic and organic anions. Both types of resins are extremely resistant to organic fouling.

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