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CENTRA® Systems

Centralized Laboratory Water Systems

​The CENTRA® System is a complete water purification, storage, and distribution system packaged into a single unit. The CENTRA design overcomes the limitations of traditional central water purification systems to deliver consistent water purity, flexibility, and economy.

The CENTRA System product family includes a Centralized Recirculating Distribution System and Centralized Purification and Distribution Systems (first purifies and then distributes the purified water). All built-in purification technologies are controlled by a central processor with audio-visual alarm warnings, an internal leak detection alarm, and connection to building management systems.

Prior to installation, a dedicated team of Evoqua project engineers will work with you to develop a designed, engineered solution and provide you with complete peace of mind. Every Evoqua installation is backed by our unrivaled service network, ensuring your system remains cost effective and delivers pure water during its entire lifetime.

 CENTRA® System and Key Features

​​Centralized Distribution Systems​Centralized Purification and Distribution Systems ​
Standard CENTRA® Model​RDS​R 200​R 120
​Typical Flow Rate​Up to 18 liters/min​Up to 18 liters/min​Up to 10 liters/min
​High Flow CENTRA Model​RDS-HFR​R200-HFR​n/a
​Typical Flow Rate​Variable speeds up to a maximum of 30 liters/min* ​​n/a
​Reservoir Capacity​350 liters​350 liters​50 liters
​Recirculation Pump​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Reverse Osmosis​No​Yes​Yes
​UV Photo-Oxidation​Yes​Yes​Yes
​0.2 μm Filter​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Optional Deionization​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Optional Composite Vent Filter​Yes​Yes​Yes
​System Monitoring/Safety Features​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Semi-Automated Sanitization of Loop​Yes​Yes​Yes

*Subject to the distribution loop design

 The CENTRA® System Solution

​The Centralized Water System Challenge Facing Modern Laboratories

There is an increasing requirement for high purity water to support a wide range of research applications. Many research laboratories change their activities with time or need to scale up their current research applications, thereby requiring larger quantities of research-grade water. Laboratory reconfigurations will also change the demands on lab water. This continual need for adaptation to meet changing requirements has led to a more modular approach to laboratory design and architecture.

Traditionally, laboratory networks within a building can require larger central systems with very high storage volumes of pure water and powerful (high pressure) distribution systems. This type of design does not always optimize water purity and can lead to spiraling distribution costs (see Figure 1).

CENTRA products provide the laboratory designer with a level of flexibility that is impossible to create with traditional central systems.

Ensuring lab water purity is a priority and is, therefore, a key element in the CENTRA system design. CENTRA systems can incorporate a range of purification options that include: reverse osmosis (RO), UV photo-oxidation, sub-micron filtration, deionization, storage quality control, and full system recirculation to match the water quality demands of the laboratory. Figures 2 and 3 illustrate the flexibility and economy of the CENTRA system.

Adapting to changing laboratory needs

Figure 1: A traditional central system.
The single centralized system serves labs located on two floors, and takes up a large area in a dedicated plant room. Any usage changes in the labs will require the entire building to be up- or downgraded.

Figure 2: Today’s lab water requirements.
One lab, located on the second floor, requires a distribution loop.

Figure 3: Tomorrow’s lab water requirements.
An additional laboratory, on the third floor, requires a distribution loop. This can be easily connected to the CENTRA system loop below (using a CENTRA-RDS system), thus extending the distribution system. Alternatively, a new loop can be created using a standalone CENTRA-R 200 system. The CENTRA system design can be further tailored to suit the activities in the new laboratory. In addition, the CENTRA systems can be interconnected to enable full redundancy, thereby ensuring that in the unlikely event of failure, water is still available.

 The CENTRA® System Advantage


This is ensured by vent filtered wrap-around reservoirs, controlled distribution flow rates, and a selected range of purification technologies such as UV photo oxidation, deionization cartridges etc. Simple and easy sanitization processes
ensure long-term bacterial control. A choice of purification media solutions is available to optimize inorganic and organic purity.


Modular design allows a number of CENTRA systems to be connected, thereby creating a network of water units for a facility. Purity of water can be adapted to specific laboratory applications and changed as needs develop. A smaller footprint ensures the water purification system occupies less premium plant or
laboratory space than conventional installations.


Individual laboratory needs can be met separately without requiring the entire building or site to have a higher specification. Maintenance is easier on a smaller
system and can be tailored towards the needs of individual laboratories. Faster commissioning and installation time speeds up the build process and helps reduce costs.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3


 Service and Support

​Every CENTRA® system comes complete with one extra feature – first class service and support wherever you are in North America.

Evoqua has installed thousands of systems, and our service engineers will apply their expertise to the installation and maintenance of your water purification systems to insure optimal performance. Furthermore, for complete peace of mind, your CENTRA system is provided with unparalleled service support. This means maximum uptime for your laboratory, which must be operational every day of the year.

Service Excellence

  • We aim to provide first-time-fix service
  • Preventative maintenance contracts are structured to match your precise needs, thereby minimizing interruptions to your work flow and sustaining system reliability
  • All our calibration equipment is maintained to traceable standards and operated by fully trained service technicians, ensuring your water quality is consistently maintained at the required standard


  • “Hands on” operation training is arranged to ensure optimal system performance and minimize the risk of an interrupted work flow


Technical Assistance

  • Our specialized local team will ensure you find the perfect product to match both your budget and applications
  • Our 24/7 technical support team is always available to provide advice, troubleshooting and parts identification


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​​CENTRA is a trademark of VWS (UK) Ltd, its subsidiaries or affiliates, in some countries.
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