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High usage, high quality water storage and distribution system for general and analytical laboratory applications

​The CENTRA-RDS System distributes high purity water throughout a building or a suite of laboratories via a loop system making it highly flexible and reliable. It is suitable for a range of applications requiring type I and type II water.

The CENTRA® System has revolutionised the way that large volumes of pure water are produced, stored, and distributed. Instead of a central lab system, comprising of an untidy grouping of components and pipework, you can now have just one integrated system box. The CENTRA-RDS product is a storage and recirculating distribution system designed to work with other CENTRA® or PURELAB® systems or existing purification installations. In addition to storing and distributing pure water, the CENTRA-RDS maintains and improves water purity.



  • Delivers up to 30 liters per minute of type I and type II water from a distribution loop
  • Reliable continual supply of pure water using unique access controls and leak detection system with optional building management system (BMS) connectivity
  • Designed to operate with other ELGA LabWater systems or existing purification installations
  • Compact design provides more flexibility for new buildings and refurbishments
  • Full service and validation support


Process Flow CENTRA-RDS System



 Treated Water Specifications

Flowrate (exit from unit)- l/min (gal/min)​18 (4.8)​38 (10)
Outlet pressure (exit from unit) - bar (psi)​3 (45)​3 (45)
​Inorganics (resistivity @ 25°C)Up to 18.2MΩ-cm*​​Up to 18.2MΩ-cm*​
​Bacteria - typical​<5 CFU/ml**​​<5 CFU/ml**
​Particles​0.2 µm filtration​​0.2 µm filtration

* Ion-exchange cylinder (SDI) installed
** Dependent on feedwater quality and system being correctly installed and regularly sanitized

 Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions​Height 1820mm (71.7in), Width 730mm (28.75in), Depth 890mm (35in)
​Shipping weight​180kg (396lb)
​Operational weight​530kg (1,168lb)


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CENTRA is a trademark of VWS (UK) Ltd, its subsidiaries or affiliates, in some countries.
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