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 Aerospace Manufacturer Removes Perchlorate Contamination Using Ion Exchange


Evoqua Water Technologies worked with an east coast aerospace manufacturer to provide a solution to the perchlorate contamination affecting their facility's drinking water supply for on-site personnel.  In response to new drinking water standards being established by the EPA, the customer sought a system which would treat the contamination and bring the perchlorate levels below its detection limit of 4 ppb.

To assist in the customer's decision, Evoqua used its proprietary ion exchange resin computer modeling program.  The program simulates the exchange capacity of the resins and provides operating cost estimates.


Evoqua's solution was to provide a complete service contract which included installation and design of the treatment system.  The system includes four (4) 14" diameter service ion exchange vessels in a lead/lag configuration, periodic monitoring of the system's operation, spent resin replacement and destruction through waste-to-energy disposal.  The resins are removed from the vessels by Evoqua's OSHA-trained service technicians utilizing company-owned specialty sluicing equipment.


From issuance of the purchase order, Evoqua completed installation at the customer's site within two weeks.  Evoqua acted on behalf of the customer in securing necessary operating permits, which were issued six weeks following site installation.

The installed system operates at 20 gpm, bringing influent perchlorate levels of 400 ppb down to less than 4 ppb.  Most often, the system produces results below 1 ppb.

Download full case study.