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Replacement Parts

​Environmental Treatment Systems not only can supply you with the equipment to satisfy your wastewater needs, but we also stock spare parts to keep your system running at optimum performance.

Whether you need new wear shoes for your DAF skimmer system or a new o-ring kit for your HELLBENDER® pump, we carry a large stock of replacement parts to quickly fill your needs.

Some of our common stock parts include:


  • Pump Parts (seals, impellers, etc.)

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Valves

  • Rotameters

  • pH Probes

  • Eductors

  • Sprockets

  • Skimmer System Chain

  • Skimmer Blades

  • Wear Shoes

  • Control Panel Parts

If you are having trouble determining your needs, contact us and one of our certified Wastewater Operators and Engineers can help you determine the correct part for your system. Our expert assistance and quick delivery ensures that we are the best source for your replacement parts.