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Allen Lepak
Product Manager – Clarification

Rim-Flo® Circular Clarifiers

Proven optimum hydraulic efficiency

The Rim-Flo® Circular Clarifier combines high capacity and flow rates with the optimum sludge removal of the Tow-Bro® unitube header for proven performance. This system maximizes hydraulic and mass loading capacity and eliminates gross short circuiting with minimum sludge blanket disturbance. In addition, it offers a reduced overall cost to your plant through its smaller footprint and lower construction costs.

Read more about how the Tow-Bro sludge removal system can safeguard your biological phosphorous removal by preventing the release of soluble phosphorous.


 key benefits

  • Proven high performance
  • Uniform distribution of influent flow
  • Effective surface and channel skimming
  • Fast, uniform sludge removal
  • Significant capital cost savings
  • Allows for flat tank floors


  • Secondary activated sludge clarifier
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment


  • A more efficient clarifier when compared to conventional center feed units
  • Less clarifier area results in:
    • Same number of units but smaller diameter
    • Less units of the same size
    • Future plant capacity
  • Rapid removal of sludge results in:
    • Less oxygen needed in the biological system
    • No denitrification
    • No biological phosphorous re-release
  • A more concentrated RAS results in less RAS flow pumping
  • Long-lasting cast iron drive Rim-Flo® Circular Clarifiers