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Allen Lepak
Product Manager, Clarification

Envirex® High Performance Clarifiers


For over 50 years, Evoqua’s Envirex product family has provided custom designed, circular clarifiers for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. The quality of the engineered designs, the superior fabrication of the finished products and the consistency of experienced, after-installation services have contributed to the Envirex brand reputation as a leading supplier of proven clarifier equipment.

Clarifiers are designed to remove settled solids from the bottom of the clarifier tank as quickly as possible to improve the efficiency of treatment processes. Considerations involving inlet energy dissipation, solids settling characteristics, liquid flow patterns and effluent collection are all part of the design parameter. Our engineers have furnished proven designs for virtually every type of clarifier application.

 Envirex high performance clarifiers

Primary Wastewater Treatment

 Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Energy Dissipation Inlet (EDI)

 Envirex Clarifier Features

  • Available in side, center and peripheral feed
  • Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel construction
  • Custom fabricated in our factory with state of the art equipment and fabrication techniques
  • Cast iron drives, assembled and tested in our factory
  • Wide range of skimming options
  • Extended beach scum troughs with flushing
  • Full bridge and half bridge walkways with large drive service platforms
  • Designed to exacting specifications

 Tow-Bro Clarifier Design Support

​​Fill out the form below to access application guidelines, drawings, and specifications for fast-tracking the design process.

 Clarifier Upgrades

​Learn more about common clarifier performance issues and how Evoqua's FEDWA baffle system and Tow-Bro hydraulic sludge removal system address these challenges. 

Clarifier Upgrades Video

Clarifier Retrofit and Upgrade Solutions

​Click on the tiles below to explore Evoqua's innovative clarifier solutions. Envirex® High Performance Clarifiers