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Allen Lepak
Product Manager, Clarification

Folded® Flow Dissolved Air Flotation Separator

Proven optimum hydraulic efficiency

The Folded Flow® DAF separator is a significant innovation in water and wastewater flotation technology. Simple in concept, it “folds” the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced. This results in a smaller footprint and a higher hydraulic loading rate, which is up to 3 times higher than a conventional DAF. The Folded Flow DAF is an important component of the new Captivator® System for net zero energy consumption.

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  • Design flexibility – Many options available including: tank sizes, concrete or steel, new or existing installations, with or without chemical addition
  • Economic pressurization system - Optimum air saturation with pressure vessel design means the minimum amount of pressurized flow is needed, thus reducing cost of pumping equipment, pressure vessels, and pumping costs
  • Controlled results - Correct pressurized flow for each application assures that results for every task are controlled
  • No break-up of delicate solids – Raw influent liquids are no subjected to pumping action
  • Concentrated float – Provides float solids of 3 – 25%, even with low influent solids
  • Non-metallic components for all applications
  • Component standardization, upgrades and installation assistance

 key benefits

  • Efficient, low-cost performance - Use of simple standard components and proven hydraulic design for economical basin construction
  • Low maintenance – Baffled air saturation tank eliminates fouling along with non-metallic components for long life
  • Small footprint – optimizes tank hydraulics for better utilization of tank volume
  • Multiple options available for carrier and drive chain
  • Retrofit for any manufacturer’s equipment
  • Turnkey replacement available


  • Primary clarification in the Captivator system process
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    • Refineries
    • Railroad 
    • Chemical plants
    • Steel mills Folded® Flow Dissolved Air Flotation Separator