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Bryan Davis
Manager, Wastewater Products

FEDWA Energy Dissipating Inlet

A step up in circular clarifier capacity and efficiency


The proven Flocculating Energy Dissipating Well Arrangement (FEDWA) baffle system,  part of the Envirex® product family,  is a circular clarifier upgrade solution for capacity issues, poor solids settling, high-flow washouts or excessive scum build-up in center influent wells.  FEDWA baffle systems are a simple, practical method of dissipating inlet energy and enhancing flocculation in primary and secondary clarifiers including the Tow-Bro® Sludge Removal System from Evoqua.  

Scroll down to learn more about the FEDWA baffle system and to watch a video on how it works.


 FEDWA System Benefits

  • Reduces inlet flow velocities - to create a uniform, radial flow into the clarifier, which minimizes disruption of the settled sludge layer
  • Promotes passive flocculation - by providing seven areas of impingement that improve solids settling
  • Increases capacity - better flocculation and solids settling = increased capacity for treatment
  • Minimizes solids build-up and scum entrapment - FEDWA eliminates dead areas and prevents scum accumulation with its open channel design
  • Stops the “waterfall effect” - of conventional energy dissipating designs by re-directing the flow outward and reducing flow velocities


Download the FEDWA System datasheet for more information.


 Video - How the FEDWA System Works

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