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​Brandon Olson
Technical Sales Manager

Diffused Aeration Systems for Biological Wastewater Treatment

The Envirex® brand from Evoqua offers a complete line of coarse and fine bubble diffusers

Evoqua application and process engineers can provide complete technical support for system design and proper diffuser selection. A variety of diffuser materials are available to best suit the application.

Recent independent testing of the Diamond™ S Plus membrane disc fine bubble diffuser have shown significant cost of ownership benefits for new or replacement membrane disc systems. 

 Fine bubble diffusers

​​DualAir® fine bubble diffuser systems provide heavy duty piping  and components for long term, trouble free operation. The unique dual pod concept saves installation time by eliminating 30-50% of the required air headers. The DualAir system incorporates the efficient and durable Diamond™ S Plus membrane or ceramic disc diffusers.

MonoAir™ single pod diffuser systems are a cost-effective alternative to DualAir systems. MonoAir diffusers are factory solvent welded to the crown of the pipe to ensure a reliable connection and include the Diamond S Plus membrane for high oxygen transfer efficiency.

FlexDisc™ fine bubble membrane diffusers can be used with a variety of piping systems. Diffusers attach to the piping with an NPT threaded connection and incorporate the Diamond S Plus membrane disc diffuser.


FlexDome™ Fine Bubble Diffusers offer a patented bolt-on design allowing for the retrofit of the ceramic dome media while keeping the rest of the header piping system intact.  


Rex-Flex™ fine bubble membrane diffusers allow for excellent process aeration efficiency.  When air is turned on, the membrane expands and rises off its seat and the apertures open to release a controlled, energy efficient stream of bubbles. Installation is easy and provides superior process flexibility while reducing energy costs.

 Coarse bubble diffusers

Discfuser® coarse bubble diffusers are used in aerobic digesters or sludge holding tanks and offer the advantage of sealing the piping system when the air is turned off.


Wideband™ coarse bubble diffusers can be used in a variety of aeration and mixing applications. Diffusers and piping are available in 304L or 316L stainless steel.


SnapCap™ coarse bubble diffusers consist of an EPDM diaphragm that seals the piping system when air is turned off and can be used PVC or stainless steel piping.   

 Diffused Aeration Energy Saving Solutions

​Product Manager, Rich Gannon, talks about Evoqua's comprehensive line of aeration solutions, including the new Diamond S Plus Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser, which has higher oxygen transfer efficiency for significant energy savings. Diffused Aeration Systems for Biological Wastewater Treatment