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​Allen Lepak
Product Manager – Clarification

Envirex® Conventional Scrapers

Primary wastewater treatment

​Evoqua offers two basic conventional scraper designs - full bridge and half bridge. Both designs incorporate a minimum of two sludge scraper arms per mechanism. The sludge removal mechanisms are designed for continuous operation over the life of the clarifier.

The Envirex® F Type conventional scraper is a full bridge design consisting of a structural steel bridge that spans the tank’s diameter and supports the drive mechanism. A center torque tube, bolted to the drive, rotates the sludge collector mechanism. The full bridge design is recommended for clarifiers between 10 and 50 feet in diameter.

The Envirex® H Type conventional scraper is a half bridge design consisting of pier supported sludge collector. An access bridge spans from the tank wall to the center pier. The half bridge design is recommended for clarifiers greater than 40 feet in diameter.


 Conventional Scraper Features

  • ​Wide range of scraping, skimming, and process options available
  • All components are fabricated at our factory to ensure quality
  • Surface skimmers, sludge scraper arms and other components welded in the shop to reduce field installation time
  • Envirex drive designed to AGMA Standards and built for clarifier load, including overload protection
  • Additional options available such as center drive platforms, choice of walkway and handrail material and styles, special protective coatings, etc.
  • Wide range of material choices available including carbon steel and stainless steel
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