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Envirex® clarifier retrofit and upgrade solutions

Efficient, cost-effective solutions to maintain, rehabilitate and upgrade existing clarifiers

​Evoqua Water Technologies works in partnership with plants to ensure high performance efficiency and low total cost of ownership. We have over 80 years of experience in wastewater clarification and an extensive library of OEM drawings for Envirex, FMC, and Passavant clarifiers. Our dedicated team of experts provide a full range of product and service options from clarifier inspections and maintenance training to installation services.

Learn more about our Clarifier Inspection Program for Envirex branded and competitor equipment.

 Primary and Secondary Clarifier Retrofit

​Evoqua provides a wide range of clarifier retrofit solutions: 

 Diagnostic On-site Clarifier Inspections

​Our technical experts can provide a diagnostic on-site clarifier inspection at little or no cost, depending on the application. Evoqua inspection service includes:

  • Comprehensive inspection report with recommendations and budget information for planning purposes
  • Proactive maintenance and repair recommendations
  • Maintenance training

Contact us to schedule an inspection or process analysis

 Clarifier Process Analysis

Multiple elements contribute to clarifier design, from flow patterns and solids settling to effluent collection. Our technical experts can evaluate your clarifier process to determine if your existing system is designed to meet your current and future treatment needs.

  • Review and compare original design criteria to treatment needs
  • Provide upgraded  recommendations to allow better process, capacity and performance without additional tankage
  • Plant level training on new developments since original design

 Video - FEDWA Baffle System

 High Performance Clarifier Design

Increase Clarifier Capacity and Optimize Phosphorus Removal

Maximize the performance of your clarifier with the Envirex clarifier design which features the FEDWA energy dissipating inlet and Tow-Bro hydraulic sludge removal system. These advanced technologies work together to reduce sludge retention time and improve effluent quality, increasing clarifier capacity and optimizing biological nutrient removal. Learn more

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