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Allen Lepak
Product Manager – Clarification

Envirex® Chain and Scraper Systems

Proven, reliable, and cost-effective sludge collection technology

Evoqua is the pioneer of non-metallic chain components, now considered the standard in the industry. The Envirex®​ Chain and Scraper sludge collection system provides maximum sludge concentrations and floating solid removal. The system is comprised of light-weight components, which makes installation easy and simplifies maintenance. Flights mounted on two parallel strands of non-metallic chain scrape the settled solids along the tank floor to sludge hoppers. On the return run the flights can skim the surface and concentrate the floating material at a scum removal device.

For high load and grit applications, the Envirex Heavy-Duty Sludge Collector System provides dependable, long lasting performance. High strength components including stainless steel chain and sprockets provide longer life and reduced wear to meet the toughest applications.



 key benefits

  • OEM supplier with original equipment drawings to upgrade current components, saving a significant amount of time and expense
  • Extensive inventory of replacement parts
  • Technical expertise and experience


Envirex Chain and Scraper Systems are ideally suited for long tanks where high strength chain is required; covered and stacked clarifiers where access is limited; and plants wanting to minimize maintenance associated with annual retensioning of molded chain.  Applications include:

  • Water Treatment Plants
    • Chemical sludge removal
    • Pre-sedimentation
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Primary & secondary clarification
    • DAF thickeners
  • Industrial Treatment
    • Clarification
    • Oil/water separation Envirex® Chain and Scraper Systems