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Dual Purpose Option

SeaCURE™ ballast water treatment system with marine growth prevention system (MGPS)

A feature unique to the SeaCURE™ system is the option to have the system operate in a Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) (Chloropac® system) mode when not treating ballast water. Bio-fouling control of the main and auxiliary cooling circuits using the SeaCURE system Dual- Purpose Option is highly effective and offers several benefits:

      • Increases the cooling system efficiency and associated fuel savings
      • Replaces expensive Cu/Al anode system
      • Requires no other MGPS system installation or stored chemicals /consumables
      • Reduced cooler cleaning / maintenance requirements
      • Increased Return On Investment (ROI):- the BWMS becomes multi-functional
      • Tried and Tested technology: Chloropac has been used for MGPS on vessels for over 50 years

In MGPS mode, the SeaCURE™ system electrolyzer unit operates at reduced power, injecting a continuous low dose of Sodium Hypochlorite (maximum 0.5mg/L) directly into the sea- chests (the dosing requirement is automatically adjusted to sea water flow by monitoring the number of pumps in operation). As with standard ship board Chloropac® systems, the low dose level does not require the degas system in operation and is bypassed.


tubes before.jpg                                                                                       tubes after.jpg    Fouled heat exchanger tube stack                                                                                    Same tube stack after installation of Chloropac®


By utilizing MGPS it significantly reduces the need for regular maintenance. Cooler tube stacks would not require regular cleaning resulting in less downtime.

 Ballasting mode

ballasting mode2.JPG 

 MGPS mode

​         MGPS mode.JPG Dual Purpose Option