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SeaCURE® Ballast Water Management System

Ballast water treatment system to safely and reliably comply with IMO and USCG regulations.

The SeaCURE® Ballast Water Management System uses a combination of filtration followed by in-situ production of biocide from seawater via electrochlorination. The SeaCURE system has evolved from the Chloropac® marine growth prevention system (MGPS) that has been servicing needs of the maritime and off-shore Oil & Gas industries for over 40 years. The system uses about 1% of the ballast water flow to generate sodium hypochlorite for the treatment of ballast water.

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 A Solution for all Salinities

Evoqua's SeaCURE® system is an electrochlorination Ballast Water Treatment solution that has been developed to meet the IMO and USCG regulations, in all three salinities including fresh water. The system is based around three main pillars of filtration, electrochlorination and proprietary ORP-control logic.  Utilising trusted Chloropac® electrolyser technology, the system produces hypochlorite through the electrochlorination process to provide effective ballast water treatment. Watch our short video to find out more:

 The SeaCURE® system process

Electrochlorination is an effective, safe and simple method of treating ballast water. As the hypochlorite is produced from seawater, there is no need to handle and store on board harmful biocides, whilst proprietary control logic ensures that the production is limited to only meet the demand reducing the power consumption requirement. The SeaCURE system also offers dual-purpose operation if required. The process flow is shown here:



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