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Electrocatalytic Global Service and Spares

Chloropac® Seawater Electrochlorination Systems are a proven method of preventing marine & biological fouling using technically superior equipment for energy efficient, long term plant operation.

At Evoqua Water Technologies, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure the uninterrupted and optimal operation of CHLOROPAC®, CAPAC® and SeaCURE™ systems. Our unique blend of skills, expertise and knowledge, built up over 40+ years of industry experience, enables us to provide the level of service that our customers demand and have come to expect.

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by providing a full and comprehensive range of tailored lifecycle support services to ensure that our electrochlorination and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems continue to operate efficiently and reliably in the field.

 Maintenance and Support

Often, the maintenance of equipment and associated inspections are regarded as an unnecessary “add-on” cost, but at Evoqua, we recognize the value and savings that properly constructed and effected maintenance programs can provide to our customers:

  • Assurance that the system will continue to perform as originally specified and in accordance with any statutory requirements

  • Preventative maintenance reduces unforeseen costs and maximises safety and efficiency

  • Minimise downtime

  • Minimise the expense of emergency repairs

  • The opportunity for on-site training

 Retrofit Refurbishment & Upgrade

​System refurbishment can save on lifecycle running costs, ease operation and improve the general equipment performance of most older plants. Evoqua Water Technologies has a wide and extensive experience of providing this service specifically tailored toward the following key areas:

  • Electrolyzer, cell and anodes replacement or upgrade 

  • Replacement hardware (storage and de-gas vessels, transformer/rectifiers, pipe work and valves, other systems)

  • Automation, PLC control systems, HMI and other graphics packages, and instrumentation

  • Conversion and capacity upgrades

  • On-site system surveying

  • Commissioning or recommissioning of previously
    non-operational systems

 Replacement & Spare Parts

​Globally,Evoqua Water Technologies supplies a wide range of replacement spare parts for CHLOROPAC, CAPAC and SeaCURE systems. Spare parts centres located in the UK, USA, and Singapore hold substantial stocks of genuine CHLOROPAC and CAPAC system parts to allow us to react to customer needs in a timely fashion. Your local distribution centre will be happy to provide you with details of availability and advice on any particular items or requirements you may have.

mark.boston@evoqua.com Electrocatalytic Global Service and Spares