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Ray Barrett
Product Manager

Screw Pumps: inspected, repaired, and replaced

Increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance

Screw pumps from Evoqua are an excellent solution for lifting water, wastewater, and other liquids in a variety of municipal and industrial applications. Evoqua, through the Davco product line is a comprehensive resource for maintaining screw pumps with the ability to repair, inspect, and provide complete turnkey replacement. Our product and field service experts are ready to respond.

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 At Your Service

  • Factory rebuilds and replacements
  • On-site inspections
  • Extend the life of screw pumps
  • Performance optimization
  • Personnel training and maintenance guidelines
  • Complete turnkey services
  • Comprehensive OEM expertise

 Internalift® Screw Pumps

  • 85% pumping efficiency
  • 100% volumetric efficiency
  • Internally welded flights (eliminate loss from backflow)
  • Simple, low-cost controls
  • Pump operates at variable flows without losing efficiency

 Externalift™ Screw Pumps

  • High flow applications
  • No grit removal or pre-screening
  • Variable flow at constant speed
  • High operating efficiency over large flow variations

 Video: Replace or Rehab Screw Pumps

 Municipal & Industrial Applications and Expertise

  • Raw sewage, RAS, final effluent, and intermediate process pumping
  • Lifting slurries, sludges, and other liquids containing suspended solids
  • Oil and other viscous liquids or wastes
  • Lifting past fish dams
  • Irrigation Screw Pumps: inspected, repaired, and replaced