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Patrick Harden, P.E.
Product Manager

Forty-X™ Disc Filter for Tertiary Treatment

High quality, high volume filtration in less space

The Forty-X™​ Disc Filter from Evoqua Water Technologies is a barrier filter designed for tertiary filtration. It captures more solids in a smaller footprint with a pleated media design.

The Forty-X Disc Filter pleated panel design provides more filtration media per square foot than similiar flat panel designs.  The media is available in 6, 11, 15, 20, 30 micron ratings which is suitable for a wide range of applications.  The pleated panel design includes a robust pressure-assisted seal that allows the panel to sustain and operate at a higher head.

NEW Forty-X™ Disc Filter Armor Series for high solids loading capacities and greater hydraulic throughput.
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  • Tertiary filtration for municipal wastewater
  • Reuse and recycle (Title 22 approved)
    • Irrigation
    • Landscaping (water events)
    • Rehydration of wetlands
    • Compliance with government mandates for water reuse
  • Retrofit for sand filtration systems
    • Traveling bridge filters
    • Shallow bed sand filters
    • Deep bed sand filters
  • Industrial reuse
    • Membrane pre-treatment
    • Process-water applications
    • Cooling water makeup
    • Plant reuse applications


 Key Features & Benefits

  • Less space needed - small footprint
  • Innovative pleated panel design providing more filtration area
  • Woven polyester media with an absolute micron rating.
  • Modular design - flexible and expandable.
  • Trash tolerant filter panel housing
  • Reliable retrofit for some existing conventional filters.
  • Stainless steel tank or stainless steel frame designs
  • Easy to maintain - convenient efficient cleaning


May be covered by one or more of the following patents:
7,597,805; 7,972,508; 8,118,175; 8,409,436; 8,801,929; 8,808,542; 8,961,785

 Video: Increase Filtration Capacity in Less Space

 Video: Ideal Retrofit for Sand Filter Systems Forty-X™ Disc Filter for Tertiary Treatment