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Joey Herndon
Business Development

Upgrade your sand filter to the Forty-X™ disc filter

Increase filtration capacity and performance in existing footprint

The Forty-X™​ Disc Filter is a high-rate tertiary filter that requires a fraction of the footprint required by traditional sand filters. It is ideal for upgrading traveling bridge and deep-bed sand filters.

The Forty-X Disc Filter is designed with unique pleated, woven media filter panels. It uses an inside-out flow pattern that reduces backwash cycles and energy demand leading to lower lifecycle costs.


 application & installation options

  • Expand filtration capacity
  • Meet stricter effluent limits
  • Retrofit traveling bridge filters
  • Retrofit deep bed sand filters
  • Retrofit into chlorination basins
  • Retrofit into rectangular clarifiers

 Forty-X™ Disc Filter Advantages

  • 40% more filtration capacity when compared to flat panel designs
  • Drop-in simplicity with little or no structural modifications
  • Can accommodate existing hydraulic profile
  • Increases capacity of an existing sand filter up to three times
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Suitable for water reuse
  • Title 22 approved


Forty-X disc filters may be covered by one of more of the following patents: 7,597,805; 7,972,508; 8,118,175; 8,409,436; 8,801,929; 8,808,542; 8,961,785

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