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Evoqua's "Better Than New" High Speed Surface Aerator Reconditioning Program

Evoqua's Better Than New Reconditioning Program offers optimum performance and cost savings by providing replacement high speed aerator motor modules without having to replace the float or discharge cone.

​Evoqua, through its Aerator product line ensures high performance efficiency and low total cost of ownership with the Better Than New reconditioning program. Our dedicated team of experts can provide thorough evaluations and a full range of OEM parts and service options for most high-speed surface aerator brands for municipal and industrial applications. 

 Reconditioning Program

​Evoqua's Aeration product experts will evaluate and recondition most brands of high-speed surface aerators.  After receiving the aerator discharge cone, our service experts clean and provide a thorough evaluation and recommend best options to ensure your high-speed aerator will be returned and back to operating at peak performance.  

Repair and installation services include: 

  • Installation of new TEFC motor (offered exclusively from Evoqua)
  • Replacement of new propeller and key or pin, deflector bearing and debris deflector
  • Vibration and balance testing 


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 Aeration Process Analysis

The poAerator Catalog Page 6 Photo.jpgwerful pumping action of a surface aerator transfers oxygen by breaking up the wastewater into a spray of particles, creating more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater.

 At the same time, the oxygen-enriched water is dispersed and mixed, resulting in highly effective aeration for wastewater treatment in municipal or industrial applications.    


Evoqua's Aeration product experts can provide operating performance evaluations to determine if your installation is designed to meet current and future treatment requirements.   

Services include:

  • Review and compare original design criteria to treatment needs
  • Provide upgraded  recommendations to allow better process, capacity and performance without additional tankage
  • Plant level training and technical assistance. 

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