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Evoqua Water Technologies is the premier provider of total disinfection and chemical dosing solutions.  Our extensive portfolio, which includes the trusted Wallace & Tiernan product line, is designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any water application and give you access to both the latest advances and widest range of proven technologies.


Serving the needs of municipal, industrial and aquatic customers globally, Evoqua Water Technologies helps customers conserve, protect and manage the world’s limited water resources.


This well-known product line is manufactured in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany with sales and distribution centers strategically located around the world.  To protect your investment in our premium quality equipment, we deliver unrivalled after-sales service packages - including technical support, training, on-site service and spare parts - provided by a worldwide network of factory trained and dedicated professionals.


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Acutec™, Deox2000®, Depolox®, VariaSens™, Micro/2000®, HydraClam®

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E10k™, S10k™

Hypochlorite generation systems


Liquid chemical feed equipment and controls


Ultraviolet light disinfection systems



In 1913, two young engineers (Charles F. Wallace and Martin F. Tiernan) founded the company with the invention of a device for disinfecting water supplies with chlorine gas. They named this device a “chlorinator”.  On President George Washington’s Birthday in 1913, they installed the chlorinator in Jersey City’s Boonton Reservoir. It operated successfully, chlorinating Jersey City’s water for many years. In 1914, Wallace & Tiernan installed the first successful solution-feed chlorinator at Hagerstown, MD.  Over the next several years the company grew rapidly, due mainly to Wallace’s inventiveness and Tiernan’s sharp business sense.  The invention of the chlorinator is credited with the elimination of water-borne diseases which were all too common in the early 1900’s.


Growth continued as products were added: most were equipment developed to apply chlorine gas for such purpose as controlling slime in paper millsand bleaching in laundries and textile mills. Additional products were designed for feeding both dry and liquid chemicals into the water treating process.  Other products were as diverse as one of the first battery clocks for homes and offices, marine lanterns, precision pressure measurement equipment and an automatic system for bakeries which produced bread dough at a rate of 6,000 loaves per hour.


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